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About Us

  Skye Hi Farms follows the highest industry standards.  We are one of, if not the only Producer in Canada that has an approved Free-Range, no antibiotic certified program in place with the Canadian Foods Inspection Agency (CFIA), we are third party audited.
  Our program guarantees you that our birds our are given... NO Medication, NO Antibiotics, NO Growth Hormones or Promotants (FYI~ no poultry; turkey or chicken, in Canada are allowed to be given hormones or promotants) Our birds are fed free-choice grain diet with access to grass pastures.

We deliver from our farm.
Trevor Allen is the owner and operator of Skye Hi Farms, a family-run farm that has been raising Free-Range turkeys for over twenty-five years. Trevor and his wife, Donna, both grew up on hobby farms and have continued their farming in the Fraser Valley.
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